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"Jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive"


Here is a quick list of our most common repairs and services

1) Restoring from daily wear and tear

We call this a Check Tighten & Refinish. Your piece will have a soak in our ultrasonic cleaner, a polish done by hand to remove scratches, restoring the finish back to a mirror like reflective shine, tightening of any loose stones and rhodium plating (if applicable) to bring your white gold piece back to bright white. 

2) Ring re-sizing

Whether going up or down we've got you covered. We even offer a "perfect fit guarantee" which allows you to come in for a refitting within 30 days of picking up your piece to have the size corrected if we didn't achieve a great fit for you the first time around. 

3) Ring removal (cutting off)

Being stuck in a ring is never fun. Our Jeweler is very experienced in the delicate work of cutting a ring off of a finger, while caring for the piece as not to cause unnecessary damage in the process. 

4) Soldering rings together

If you find yourself wearing two rings together anytime they're worn, we highly recommend soldering them together to prevent unneeded rubbing and wear. And just as we are able to solder them together, we are also able to separate rings that you no longer wish to have joined. 

5) Replace missing gemstones & fix anything broken

This is a broad category. We can replace your missing stones, rebuild prongs and channels, repair breaks and cracks in rings as well as completely replace thin, worn out shanks and heads. As for pendants and earrings, we can replace broken earring posts, pendant clasps, bails and nearly anything else that goes wrong with your piece. 

6) Eyeglass repair

If your favorite pair of glasses, or more importantly, your every day pair breaks, bring them to us and we will weld the break using our laser welder. This comes with a 6 month guarantee and if the weld is not successful at our first attempt, there is no charge. 

7) Complimentary jewelry cleanings & inspection

That's right, complimentary jewelry cleanings! Even if the piece isn't purchased from us, we still care for it like it's our own. Swing in before an occasion or event so we can help you shine and also remember to come in every 3-6 months for a cleaning and inspection to help to catch loose stones and wear before any loss or issues occur. 

Don't put your favorite piece away. If it needs to be fixed, bring it to us. 



Do you dream of taking your grandmother’s engagement ring and making it your own? Have you scoured the Internet looking for the perfect accessory – only to find it doesn’t exist? A custom designed piece of jewelry may be for you. From design concept to its completion, our goldsmith will work hand in hand with you to bring your vision to life. Using computer-aided design (CAD) you are able to view your model from every angle, altering and refining as needed to ensure that your one of a kind piece is everything you dreamed it would be.

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